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Learning a language is a journey of discovery. Meeting people from other cultures, exploring the unexpected, seeing your own life reflected from a different viewpoint ... a new language opens new doors and new friendships.

Lexogram is a free open source environment where you can immerse yourself in a foreign language and culture. Lexogram is a multi-lingual online community of learners just like you.

Here, you will find native speakers of the language you are learning: people who share the same enthusiasms as you. You will also find motivated people who are learning your native language, from complete beginners to those who are already fluent.

Lexogram helps you enrich your life by making it easy to exchange with others. Language skills will develop naturally the more you listen and talk and share a common understanding.

Lexogram is currently under active development. You can help. Your contribution to the community will help us all create the space where you can express yourself best in your new language.

Welcome to Lexogram!